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03/2011 -

New Features

  • Usage Reports
    ITV Schedulers now have the ability to run a KORRS usage report, located under the ITV Schedulers tab. Enter a date range to see a list of all events for which your Organization had one or more resources listed as Confirmed or Pending.
  • Reduced number of notification emails for series events
    Email notifications have been re-vamped so that schedulers will receive a single email whenever a series of events are scheduled or changed. This should reduce the volume of emails from KORRS in your Inbox and help with scheduling efficiency.
  • Simpler login process for ITV Schedulers
    A much requested feature - After entering their Scheduler ID, ITV schedulers will be redirected to the ITV Scheduling section they selected.
  • Scheduling limit increased to 9 months
    Users can now schedule events up to 9 months in the future.
  • "Additional Information" carried forward in duplicated events
    When an ITV Scheduler duplicates an event, the Additional Information and MCU Attention Requested information is duplicated on the new event.
  • Call Type list updated
    Deprecated Call Types have been removed from the selection list.

Bug Fixes

  • High Priority flags on email notifications are triggered for events scheduled over the weekend for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (48 business hours).
  • Confirm/decline information for a series of events works correctly.

Please contact the KORRS Help Desk (korrs@sbctc.edu) if you have any questions.

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