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Technical Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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- How do I register with the K-20 gatekeeper?
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To place and receive IP video calls using the K-20 network, you will need to register with the K-20 Gatekeeper. The instructions for registering with the gatekeeper are available online at http://www.wa-k20.net/h323.php?page=4b2a&rn1=on&sn3=on.

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- Off-net long distance calling
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  • Complete and return this billing authorization form (Word Format) for long distance access*.

    * If you use the state's SCAN long distance network for phone calls then include your "DIS Agency Billing ID".
    * If you don't use SCAN, a new "DIS Agency Billing ID" number will be assigned.

    - This form can also be faxed to the K-20 Administration group.

  • The rates for long distance calls from the K-20 network are:
    • Off-Net Domestic - 12 cents per minute/per channel
    • Off-Net Canadian- 35 cents per minute/per channel
    • International (All Countries) - $1.40 per minute

  • The charge is calculated as follows: rate X number_of_minutes X number_of_channels (Example – The charge for a 384K call from Seattle to Texas for 30 minutes would be calculated as following: 30 minutes X $.12 X 6 channels = $21.60.)

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- Does K-20 have a number I can call to test my video unit?
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The K-20 network operates several loopback numbers, which you can call to test your video conferencing unit. These numbers will connect you back to yourself via the MCUs to verify connectivity. The numbers are different depending on the type of call you're making:

IP (H.323)
0332222 – Codian
0334444 - Codian

Please note that the loopback numbers may be unavailable during peak times or already in use when you try a test. You can call K-20 MCU support at 888.934.5553 to verify whether or not the loopbacks are available.

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- Where can I find more information about K-20 and video conferencing?
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You’ll find a lot of useful information at the Video Services page on the K20 site.
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- Who should I contact for support?
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This depends on the type of help you need.
  • For assistance with scheduling and the KORRS website, contact the KORRS Help Desk at korrs@sbctc.edu or (360)704-4357.
  • For problems connecting to a K-20 video conference or MCU specific questions, contact MCU Scheduling and Support at (888)934-5553.
  • General technical support for video conferencing or setup questions vary by sector:
    • K12 - Contact the RITU for your region. A list of RITUs for the K12 system can be found at the OSPI website.
    • CTC – Contact SBCTC at korrs@sbctc.edu or (360)704-4357.
    • BAC – Contact your college IT/Media department.
  • Report K20 Video/Data Network Problems.
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