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KORRS Overview

K20 Online Resource Reservation System

KORRS Overview
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The K20 Online Resource Reservation System (KORRS), is a web based computer application specifically designed to facilitate the effective management, scheduling, and use of interactive video resources that are part of the K20 telecommunications network.

KORRS has four functional areas:
  • Reservations is where event requests are made.  This is done much like a web-based airline reservation center.  After an event has been requested, this area provides the ability to change or cancel an event.

  • Resources has information about each K20 organization and details about their associated interactive video resources.  This information is compiled by sector geographically and alphabetically.  This information is maintained by each organization's ITV designee or resource scheduler.  It requires an assigned scheduler ID (SID) to update.

  • ITV Schedulers requires an SID to gain access.  An ITV resource scheduler for an organization can either accept an event request or decline a request for their resources.  Organizational and resource details are maintained and updated.

  • MCU Schedulers requires an MCU ID to gain access.  This area is reserved for KOCO staff in the management of the MCU.

KORRS version 4.80 Created by the KORRS Development Team.
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