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K20 Online Resource Reservation System

Getting Started
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Your organizationís Scheduler ID (SID) is used for all aspects of the K20 Online Resource Reservation System.  It is assigned to your organization to administer. Use this SID and continue with the following steps before proceeding with the actual use of the K20 Resource Reservation System:

     ITV Schedulers and more experienced users should use the K20 on-line reservation process to request a reservation.  Approving a reservation request and placing the event on the room calendar, can only be done by a certified scheduler.  The on-line reservation request is intended as a convenient way to contact room schedulers.  If you have not used this process before, it is recommended that you seek assistance from a certified scheduler.

No room will be officially reserved until confirmed by its designated scheduling authority.  No organization or individual will be permitted to use a room unless it has been officially reserved and confirmed by that authority.

  1. Decide which rooms you would like to reserve.  Refer to the 'Resources' tab for quick reference to determine which ones best meet your requirements.  Be sure to review the use and cancellation policy for each room.

  2. Determine the date, times, and duration for which you want the rooms.

  3. For point-to-point events (two sites only) or for multi-point events (three sites or more), use the On-line Reservation Request form, which is located under the 'Reservations' tab.  Submitting this form will contact all appropriate room schedulers and also KOCO if the event has more than two sites.  KOCO must reserve the appropriate multi-port control unit (MCU) access ports.

  4. Periodically check the event status screen, which is located in the 'Reservations' tab, to see if the status of the participants changed from PENDING to either:  CONFIRMED
    or DECLINED.  It is recommended that you follow-up with a phone call if no action occurs on a particular site within two business days.  Phone numbers are available for each room.  Use the 'Resources' option to view the lists of rooms and their phone numbers.

There is further information available in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

     When submitting a reservation request via an on-line form, make sure that all of the information is complete and accurate.  Incomplete or erroneous information may result in cancellation of the event.  Take the time to review the on-line Resource Detail page for each room.  Each organization is the ultimate scheduling authority for their rooms and resources. Use policies and operational procedures may vary by site.  A clear understanding of these will help ensure that scheduled and future events occur with a minimum of operational problems.

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